Guided tours

Company Event-Tram organizes themed (under the order), and sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg and Moscow on Trams and Trolleybuses.

Tram tours in St. Petersburg.

The old parts of the city with small streets, from the windows of an old Tram or Trolley – a paradise for the ride especially during the White Nights.
Want to feel like the courtier during the tour?
Then you should go for a ride in Strelna, your Tram will stop wherever you like, and you will have the opportunity to walk in the fresh air or have a picnic, and then again to continue the sightseeing trip. In and around the city a lot of stunningly beautiful places, and along with the traditional beauty, there are alternative attractions. During the tour, guests will be offered drinks and snacks that will be a welcome addition to the ride in St. Petersburg.

We conduct tours for all visitors to the city.

Tours of St. Petersburg and Moscow are in Russian, English, German, French, Dutch and other foreign languages ​​(On a tour of your language of interest question over the phone).

Themed Tours

We offer themed tour, if your event has a special occasion. Tour can be tailor made specially for your company or selected from a ready-made.
Most popular topics:
Romantic Petersburg – tells the love stories of celebrities, romantic legends associated with these or other places of St. Petersburg (which are floating outside the window), the historical facts relating to the weddings, betrayals, engagements and visits of historical figures.
By selecting this tour, you will know all the details of the love life of St. Petersburg, for the last 300 years :).
Informal Petersburg – tells the story of a little-known facts, events which have taken place within the walls of our city with the celebrities of 20th century. By visiting this tour, you enter a world  of  secrets and unexpected discoveries.
Electric Petersburg – tells of the first electric city transport – trams and trolleybuses that appeared in our city. .
By visiting this tour, you will learn: why Petersburg called TRAM capital, why our city hit the Guinness Book of Records due to Trams, you’ll learn the history of electric vehicles throughout the century, as well as will be able to try on the role of the conductor and the driver.

Guided tours for adults on TRAMs & Trolleybuses.

There are  proposal designed specifically for different groups. You can arrange  a sightseeing tour, or  pave the way for alternative sites.

Guided tours for children on the TRAM & Trolleybus.

Will be of interest to children from 6-7 years. For younger children, the program provides the game moments (such as quizzes, puzzles or games) during stops also host small outdoor games. For older children tours includes material from the lessons of history, there are interactive moments when children are able to demonstrate current knowledge and complement it with live impressions received during the trip.

What you need to know to book a tour on the TRAM:

  • We offer you a retro TRAM & Trolleys of different models and the internal configuration of your choice, with a capacity of 24 to 34 seats
  • An excursion is possible at any time of the day
  • At your request, we also provide modern Trams & Trolley for  rent
  • You can book a tour with our guide, or a ride with your own
  • Price of a tour per group = cost of renting a TRAM + guide services (1000 -1500 p. Per hour)
  • You can choose from ready-made tour itineraries or order your own, then we will jointly develop your individual route on trams & trolleybuses.
  • In addition to the trip, we offer a small buffet table during the trip and a few pleasant “surprises” in the form of interactivity inside or outside the tram (music, artists, animators)

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