Need to come up with original greeting?
Do you want to showily give the gift?
Or congratulate heartily person living in St. Petersburg, when you’re away or live far away?

One of the great and simple way to make someone a surprise: order delivery of a gift to the place of work or residence. And not just any gift! We offer different ways of congratulations: from a bouquet of flowers, to creating an unforgettable atmosphere, involving a large number of people.
This can be a quest with a surprise at the end, a serenade under the window, compliments of mimes, fairy tale characters, filming funny and touching film, and more.
We will help you choose the surprises the design and organization of congratulations from our ideas, or work on yours.

Examples of ideas for congratulations:

Gifts for loved ones.

People in love often make each other surprises. For example, small gifts that your spouse “accidentally” find on the doorstep. Or original greeting from several people at once, or congratulation with balloons … This is just a couple of examples of big ideas from our piggy bank.

Gifts for children.

How to make a child happy during a holiday? For his birthday, name-day or other celebration? For example, by acquaintance with a cheerful clown or fairy tale character. And maybe unusual surprise, which child needs to assemble with his hands? We have different ideas of baby gifts and surprises.

Gifts for corporate clients.

What will colleagues say when all of a sudden in the middle of the day straight at work will appear musicians or singers? Or balloons that appear in front of you from across the room? And maybe all staff members will find an email with instructions on finding gifts for themselves? Or the chief finds on his desk a report that will contain congratulations on each page?
We will help you organize gifts, in accordance with your corporate culture and the context of your business.

How much does a congradulation cost?

The cost of implementing greeting or surprise is determined individually. Ideas and discussions we give you for free, no matter whether you book with us their realization or not :)

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