University graduation

We offer  individual and ready-made programs for graduation parties.

Ready programs for proms:

Graduation from kindergarten Graduation for the Class 4 For  high school
and uni graduates
1. Trip in retro tram
- up to 25 guests
- from 1 560 rub./pers.

2. Prom in MagicBus
- up to 30 guests
- from 1 250 rub./pers.

3. Prom at your space
- up to 60 guests
- from 1 000 rub./pers.

1. Graduation in retro TRAM
- up to 25 guests
- from 1 560 rub./pers.

2. Prom in MagicBus
- up to 30 guests
- from 1 250 rub./pers.

3. Prom on premises
of Archery-crossbow
shooting range
- up to 50 guests
- from 1 200 rub./pers.

1. Prom in TRAM
- up to 60 guests
- from 2 050 rub./pers.

2. Prom in WaterBus
 up to 70 guests
- from 2 210 rub./pers.

3. Prom on premises
of Archery-crossbow
shooting range
- up to 45 guests
- from 1 660 rub./pers.


Development of individualized graduation party programs.

We can develop individual programs  for kindergarten graduation, alumni, Class 4, high school and higher education institutions.

For example, for high school proms (9, 11 classes) and for university graduates, the trip begins in the evening and lasts until the morning (for elementary classes and kindergarten, programs are developed according to age).
Tram makes a trip around the old town in the most beautiful and romantic time, graduates admire the bridges. The constant change of places – the guys can look at the city from the window of a moving fun.
Tram makes stops, during which you can enjoy a fire-show, performances of actors, unexpected surprises, photo session on the background of the city at night or just get some fresh air.
During a trip on the tram  fun contests and games can be arranged. Graduates will meet the magician who is joining the group at one of the stops that will add magic to the overall atmosphere of the holiday. Guests will be captivated by the beauty of the grand “Bubble show”, which can  surround the tram, surprising everyone with its diversity and beauty.
Trams can be easily transformed into a night club with the coolest music, and appropriate lighting. Here, everything is possible! After a cocktail reception, guests will be able to throw excessive energy in the hot dances …
Launching fireworks can be a bright ending of the prom night, and with excellent photos and videos to all the participants of this festival, it will be possible to remember this warm evening.

And now about the trams and trolleybuses for the prom:

  •    You choose the model of TRAM or trolleybus suitable for you, from 18 seats to 60.
  •    You can rent retro or modern TRAM.
  •    We will offer you different decorations for your tram, inside and out.
  •    Inside the TRAM  tables with snacks and drinks and a dance floor can be arranged.
  •    Any route is possible. We are limited only by the tram tracks. For prom, we can use existing routes, or develop an individual path to follow, using the map of tramways in Petersburg.
  • We offer you the complete organization of the event as a whole, which includes everything you need for the prom from the selection of the room before the final delivery of the disc with the photographs to each participant. This includes host, scenario development: concepts of the evening, the organization of entertainment, performances, selection menus, etc.
  •    All our services you can use as a package, or separately.

To order a turnkey children’s party, and any other services, as well as to ask any questions, call us or fill in the form and we will contact you.


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