Romantic events

There’s nothing new in seeing the city from the window of the tram – but imagine if the TRAM belongs only to the two of you, so you can choose the route!
A romantic ride with the rumble of the wheels and the beat of swinging of the old tram, decorated specifically for your event with flowers and soft fabrics of your choice, drifting evening lights of the city through the windows, and your favorite eyes in front of yours . You chat while enjoying a light dinner for two, and that’s just the beginning. You make the first stop, and there you see …

and anything can happen … : it can be specially prepared surprise for your loved one or originally presented gift (like a box of enormous size, which will be delivered by trolley and inside would be a tiny little velvet box with a wedding ring for your sweetheart.

… Or you are making a stop in a quiet romantic place where photographer is waiting for you, ready to capture images of your happiness on this beautiful day, or will it be a cartoonist, sketching a funny cartoon in a couple of minutes …

… or maybe you’re to see a fire show: romantic music dies down and you hear the rhythmic sound of drums echoing with increasing pace, half-naked dancers with the lights begin their dance specially for you pulling you into their mysterious world. Fireworks show can be a bright present and expressing full scale of  your feelings …

Or at the stop … you suddenly discover large paper lanterns, on which together you write your wishes to each other and launch them up and then watch as they slowly fly in the sky …
All in all, there’re a lot of options!
We will help you come up with and organize a truly unique and the one of a kind event!

Tram for lovers – is the perfect place for  a romantic evening for two, a beautiful declaration of love or to make a marriage proposal.

What you need to know about a romantic ride on the tram:

  • Retro tram and Trolleybuses of different configurations are available for you, with a capacity of 18 to 60 seats.
  • The trip can be arranged at any time of the day.
  • You can choose from ready-made itineraries or order your own, then we will jointly develop your individual path to follow during the trip.
  • During the ride you will be offered a buffet.
  • To make the trip more entertaining, we offer you the services of host, artists of the original genre and various outdoor activities (interactive) inside the tram and out.

Boat trip

Boat trip is no less entertaining and romantic event, through our efforts it will be a real amazing adventure for you and your mate.

Excursion “Romantic Petersburg”

Alternatively, we’re offering a tour describing the romantic adventures of the famous historical and contemporary personalities and love stories related to our city. This tour is not only exciting but also informative, and most importantly sets a romantic mood and is very popular with couples.

To order a romantic trip and any other services, as well as to ask any questions, call us or fill in the form and we will contact you.


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