Do you make the “turn-key” events ?

Yes, we offer a full range of services and are happy to undertake the realization of  interesting and large-scale events, bringing fresh ideas and original solutions.

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Can I order the organization of the wedding entirely?

Yes, we not only provide transportation for hire, but also organize the entire wedding as a whole.

We help plan your wedding, pick up the dress for the bride and a suit for the groom, choose a banquet hall, arrange a shuttle, make the program with the host and other artists, find a photographer and videographer, choose a cake and all the other necessary details.

Individual scriptis written for your wedding, we take into account the peculiarities of your pair and your love story. With us you get your own confidence in the preparation and in the actual wedding day, and most importantly – a refined, original and memorable wedding.

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Are there ready-made proposals for children’s parties?

For children’s parties there’re ready “packages”, you can see more information about them in University graduation or Children’s party.

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Is it warm in the TRAM?

In accordance with the weather conditions we offer a heated models of TRAMs and Trolleybuses. They are warm enough that the guests would be able to remove outer clothing, even in winter. However, one must understand that in the winter, with open doors, interior is quickly cooling on the entry and exit during the stops, so it depends on the guests.

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Can we bring your own treats?

You can order a reception with us (we offer menus from 450 rub. per guest) or bring your own treats. Just when ordering inform the manager.

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Could Tram & Trolleybus be just a transport for the event?

Yes, if you like the idea of ​​just riding without a special occasion, you can rent a model you’re interested in, without additional services.

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What are the limitations?

In TRAMs and Trolleybuses prohibited the drinking of alcoholic beverages in any form!
However, during the stops it is possible to drink a bottle of champagne outside the cabin. We offer a beautiful solution – “toast on the open air” (ask our managers).

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What are the deadlines for ordering the event?

Order of any event, be it a holiday or excursion must be made at least 7 days before the desired date, because all routes of the TRAM or Trolley are agreed with the city road services, and it takes time.

However, the earlier you book the transport, the greater the likelihood that the desired date and time will be available for order. This is especially true for retro TRAMs, because many models have a single copy.

So our advice is: as soon as you realize that you want to ride, then immediately call us.

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What do you need to book a date?

In order to book a date, you need to select the model of your tram or bus, to think over the duration of the trip. After that, call us and make an appointment. At a meeting with our manager, you can discuss all the details and sign a contract, making a payment of at least 30% of the preliminary estimate.

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How to get a discount?

Discount applies to:

1. regular clients (from the second order);
2. for large orders (from 5 hours of renting a tram or trolley);
3. presenting a promo code;
4. discounts are given to those who participate in the advertising campaign “Wonderful Tram”.

Different types of discounts can not be combined.

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