About the project

Who are we?

We’re a team of people who like to come up with something special, whether it’s the holidays, excursions or other forms of leisure. Of course, we love TRAMs and Trolleybuses, but our main goal – to open new possibilities of interesting activities for you to push beyond the usual.
And more importantly – we love to share our ideas with others and we are open to new things.

How our project was born?

It all started with the New Year …
The first party was held in St. Petersburg in 2006, it was organized for friends and friends of our friends. New Year was approaching, and we thought about how to make the celebration interesting so that it would be fun and not corny. Thus was born the idea of ​​the TRAM. It was incredible!
Our New Year’s TRAM was equipped with music equipment, special lighting, inside were tables with Christmas treats, and a fun crowd of friends just enjoyed the ride and with  astonished gazes from passersby …
This party was a great success, but it took several more years before the New Year trip with friends turned into the idea of ​​creating such opportunities for all citizens.

And in 2008 was organized the agency “Event TRAM.ru - Center of events in the TRAM”. Since then, you can rent through our company any TRAMs or Trolleybuses that are present in our city and organize in them  events of different size and scale.

Over the years, were organized and carried out a lot of celebrations on order: Wedding rides, sightseeing trips, photo shoots, corporate events, trips for couples, etc.

Now we hold events  not only in the TRAMs and Trolleybuses, but on little boats, MagicBus, archery-crossbow range and other original parts of the city.

In addition, from time to time we come up with original project-events, which you can get on just by buying a ticket.

These urban projects were:

“New Year’s trams” – for adults. Through New Year’s Eve our Tram rode the streets of St. Petersburg, and inside, to rhythmic music dressed passengers celebrated the new year, danced, ate, launched fireworks at the stops. The TRAM drove all the guests to the night club where the fun began, and lasted until morning.

“A fabulous journey in the New Year TRAM” – for children. It was a whole lot of Christmas events, for children of all ages. Father Frost and the Snow Maiden with interactive entertainment program are playing with children in a fantastic TRAM and going to visit a beauty-tree.
Took a trip for a few days around the New Year period. The project has generated a lot of interest and responses, that’s why the next year we offered to children

“Volshebus – Christmas journey” Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, this time inviting children in a large VolsheBus – MagicBus, equipped for traveling with kids, decorated in the New Year theme. During a trip through the main streets, the children were playing and having fun, and at the stop circle dances around the main tree of the city – on Palace Square. Watch the video.

What’s next?

We plan to continuously improve our services, to increase the area in which people can use our services and ideas. As well as expanding team of associates. According to this if you like the idea of ​​original events “on wheels”, we look forward to hearing form you and possibly launching new joint projects. In addition, if your city does not yet have our wonderful events, but you like the concept and approach, then you should check out this page.

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