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Event-tram.ru - the agency for the organization of the original parties, excursions and congratulations in St. Petersburg and Moscow. While we are happy to organize any event, the main focus of our company are events involving a TRAM or Trolleybus. They can be the main venue of the action, or only part of the program.

Everything is possible: a festive event, excursion, photo session, a simple walk around the city or any other event in our transport. We have access to all models of TRAMs and Trolleybuses present in St. Petersburg, including the exhibits electric vehicles.

We love electric vehicles and create a world of exciting events, scripts and experiences  around them. We like to come up and implement the most original ideas with you.
We concentrate on quality while creating unforgettable events, that is important to us, that’s why in addition to transportation we provide:

1. a full range of holiday services:

that is narrators & animators, DJs & musicians, photographers & video operators, artists of different genres, decoration of trolley cabin & restaurants, production of any accessories for a holiday, and most importantly – creating an interesting scenario for your unique celebration.

2. all for excursions:

Our excursions will be interesting, as for visitors to the city and as for the citizens, because for each trip, we create our own personal tour. Tours are conducted in different languages, on topics ranging from the classic survey to romantic and informal. There are guided tours for kids and for adults.

3. unique TRAM rides for citizens:

several times a year we come up and organize unusual events “on wheels” for adults and children, for which you can buy a ticket. Information about this events is destributed in our mailing list reports (you can sign up now.)

Yes, TRAMs and Trolleybuses can be a highlight of your event!

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