Turnkey event on the boat.

Motor vessel, ship, boat rental

We propose organizing the turnkey event in the most interesting places in the city. Water bus (boats, ships) – a beautiful place for a wedding reception, birthday party or other event. In the summer, especially popular rides along the Neva River and the waters. From within the comfortable vessel you can enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg during day and night. At night, sailing under the bridges, you can admire the city lights and white nights.

Here’s how it can be

Boat trip can become the main venue for your event or just a part of the program. Perhaps between the registry office and a restaurant you want to take a ride in the “Venice of the North” on the boat with guests or just the two of you, staging a photo shoot and starring in your own movie. Or after the ceremony in some romantic place, the ship: dressed up, with covered tables and festive music will take you and all the guests for further celebration during water travel. During the trip, you can make a stop at which you and the guests enjoy colorful performances and surprises. For your choosing boats with indoor and outdoor areas, two-decks, with air conditioning and heating. This allows you to comfortably accommodate all the guests and enjoy a holiday in any weather. We offer original scripts and the most harmonious solutions routes and combinations with all of your wedding program, individually designed for you.

Motor vessel, ship or boat?

We deal with all the shipping companies of the city, and have available a variety of models of ships. From small (10-12 people), to the “giants” of 150-200 guests. When choosing a river boat, consider  the number of guests and the appearance of the vessel. The cost of a river bus starts from 4500 rub./hour.

The exact calculation and a list of models with the detailed description is available on request.

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